Cutting-Edge Innovations

Capital Innovations

Each of our portfolio assets is somehow an innovation of either capital itself or some sort of capital asset function including digital assets and digital asset trading services and tools. Quite simply, it is in this field where the future can be found.

Game-changing potential

Each of ZurBank's portfolio assets represents a breakthrough at some level in distributed ledger engineering and utility. Unlike most venture capital funds, we only invest in stuff that has the potential to upend the status quo.

Radical & Revolutionary

There is no point in wasting time on products such as fiat-backed cryptocurrencies or copycat paid driver apps and we won't look twice at such proposals either. Is it politically-sensitive and threateningly disruptive? All of our assets are these things.

Performance Complexity

Too often, venture capital is directed at simple ideas and solutions on the notion that such products hold  the greatest potential market share. This is utter rubbish. Complexity in engineering is what powers real innovation. 

Tangible Improvements

Each of the assets in our portfolio has at some level a direct contributing benefit that we can point to that other solutions do not to the environment in which it exists. We believe this should be every innovator's Number 1 criteria for decision-making.

Venture Capital


AmFeed is a news and data service serving the cryptocurrency market and providing the most advanced live streaming 3D charts and graphic visual data feeds.

Assets House

Assets House specialises in the engineering of complex dynamic smart contract applications.


Quark is the very first Quark algo proof-of-work coin and the project is updating with powerful Masternodes. 



Zurcoin is a Proof-of-Work quarkcoin algo blockchain developed in December 2013 with a 42/s hashrate, making it one of the securest and fastest blockchains in the world.


Used to describe Zur Draft and Zur Notes jointly, ZurCash is a synthetic masternode on the Ethereum Virtual Machine developed by our award-winning product engineers. 


Money is a token that is backed purely by mined cryptocurrency. Once all 30,000,000,000 MNY tokens have been issued an exchnage with be activated between MNY and underlying value.


Capital (CAP) are wrappers for Zur Notes. CAP are scheduled to be traded shortly on leading CMC-registered exchanges and have a low 350,000 supply.



Futereum is a synthetic mining proxy for Ether that is construed on a regressive Fibonacci algorithm. 

Bitcoin Trust

Bitcoin Trust contains over 2,700 tiers of externally-stored smart contract data representing Bitcon's historic price.


Synora utilises an externally-coded Oracle and live CMC pro API market data feed to adjust for its own pricing. 


Most of our innovations (bar a few notable exceptions in contexts of websites) are open source. The code for all of ZurBank's assets is at the Synthchain GitHub. Synthchain is a euphemism for smart Blockchain engineering activities. Synthchain is short for Synthetic Blockchain and is a term coined by smart contract development specialist engineering firm Assets House, who made most of the smart contract technology specific to the spectrum of ZurBank use-cases. The code for our proprietary decentralised Blockchain protocol Zurcoin is at Zurcoin GitHub.