Decentralised Solutions

ZurBank is a partner-owned and administered decentralised venture capital-focused hedge fund and Blockchain-based financial arts engineer founded by Daniel Mark Harrison, the World Number 1 financial artist.

Digital Capital Assets

We speclialise in developing and distributing decentralised capital assets that are specifically non-securitised but which use security and real estate assets as valuable deal capital provisioning. 

Complex Decentralised Deals

ZurBank's specialty is originating, syndicating and executing on complex decentralised acquisitions and financing activities for some of the largest Blokchcain ventures around the world.


ZurBank is one of the world's foremost innovators of smart contract and full Blockchain technologies, and is a pioneer in the field of digital value-utility expression. Part venture capital fund, part software development company, part finacial engineer, ZurBank is set to become the Number 1 developer of digital economic infrastructure for the forthcoming century and digital asset era. Future economic development will depend almost solely on Internet of Things (IoT) architecture and financing. ZurBank has a deeper understanding of the potential for this architecture than anyone else in the world, since we have identified and originated three-quarters of the world's IoT financial software solutions in use today.


The problem for many investors in Blockchain solutions today is that they are not provided real solutions. Instead they are sold copycat problem-solvers.


 A solution is capable of delivering on an intuitive understanding of the client's next anticipated requirement. It has 360-degree mathematical visibility.


The methodology used by innovators today tends to be watch-and-wait. ZurBank is the opposite: we are a competitively agnostic investor.


Application customisation is not about installing user-friendly interfaces. It is about fashioning disruptive capital products to unlock markets.


ZurBank's decentralised currency applications are digitally-based financing algorithms and utility is always 100% directed at capital accumulation.


The result is ZurBank's discovery of over thirteen separate individual digital economic solutions in a market that is still largely stuck on protocol adoption.

Bipolar Coefficient

All our innovations have two specific features that act in a complimentary fashion with respect to one another: they are simultaneously powered by the market in terms of pricing or some other variable, and they reflexively alter that same market environment, working on the bipolar equilibrium.

Synthetically Enhanced

We are the originators of synthetic utility, which was first discovered by ZurBank's founder in late 2017 and early 2018 with Futereum. We consider synthetic product enhancements to be the most potentially radical virtual economy innovations in the world, for their strong disruptive characteristics and potential.